Intellectual Property policy of Saitama Medical University

  1. Objectives

    Saitama Medical University (the `University`) has set three philosophy of foundation as follows,

    1. Cultivate physicians with profound affection and understanding of, and service to, life
    2. Cultivate individuals capable of thinking, searching and dedicating to lifelong self-education
    3. Cultivate academic traditions of togetherness between teachers and students

    Moreover, we have a great mission to contribute for human welfare, in which the results of our investigation obtained by the foundation of the `University` is returned to society.

    The aim of this policy is to urge creation of intellectual property in necessary for the contribution to society, and fulfill reinforce of above objectives of the `University`. Furthermore, we conduct in strong relation with external institutions (private companies, other academic research institutions, national government, local government, or NPO corporations), and intend more development of education, research and medical service, that causes the enhancement of value of the `University`.

  2. Policy
    1. Internal Patent Committee is established in the `University`.
    2. For faculty in the `University`, the contribution to social which contains relation with institutions as mentioned above, is one of the most worthy duty as well as education, research and medical service activity. In the case of creation a new invention as a result of education, research and medical activity, write contents of invention in detail, and it need to inform Division of Intellectual Property & Strategic Research Promotion at least before one month of publication.
    3. If the invention is approved such as ①created through ones work in the `University` ②the contributors identified③has originality ④has possibility that it will be exploited by external institutions like private companies, the `University` shall have the rights to obtain a Patent, as a rule. In this case, the `University` shall expend for application and maintenance cost of patent.
    4. The `University` shall pay compensation to the contributor who create the invention in case to transfer the rights to the `University` and gain a profit from external institutions after the application.
    5. Intellectual property rights transferred to the `University` shall be administrated by Division of Intellectual Property & Strategic Research Promotion for exploitation in society.
    6. For exploitation of the intellectual property rights, we delegate or relate with external institution (include Technology Licensing Organization etc,) which deals with it.
    7. The `University` shall respect the importance of intellectual property as same as research papers ,as way to admire faculties achievement, and acknowledge the achievement system to the faculty.
    8. The `University` shall respect of education (include enlightens) about intellectual property, and then execute it.
    9. The `University` shall enforce administration of information and intellectual property associated with external institutions (include conclusion of Non Disclosure Agreement).
  3. Revision

    The Policy will be properly revised with change of conventional wisdom, regal reform and revise of other policy.